Laura Fedele

Project Coordinator

Isella Vicini

Dissemination Manager

WP1 – Project management and coordination
CNR-ITC | Laura Fedele: [email protected] (Project Coordinator)

WP2 – ECHO TES concept and design to maximize EU level impact under consideration of different energy scenarios
Universitat Politècnica De València | Javier F. Urchueguia: [email protected]

WP3 – Heat/cold storage material selection and storage system design
University Of Nottingham | Yuehong Su: [email protected]

WP4 – System design and lab scale prototyping
University of Ferrara | Michele Bottarelli: [email protected]

WP5 – AI control system for cooperative agent-based Demand Response
Institute Mihailo Pupin | Marko Batić: [email protected]

WP6 – Test cases
CNR-ITC | Laura Fedele: [email protected]

WP7 – Environmental Impact, LCA, LCCA risk assessment, exploitation and market planning
Green Energy Solutions Consultant | Luc Pockelé: [email protected]

WP8 – Dissemination, communication and networking activities
beWarrant S.L. | Isella Vicini: [email protected] (Dissemination Manager)