February 8, 2024

ECHO project, represented by Laura Fedele from Italy’s National Research Council (CNR), took part in an online exchange forum alongside other projects with similar features. The forum, focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for advance and impact monitoring, provided a platform for technical representatives to present their respective approaches.

The forum, organized as part of the ECHO project’s ongoing knowledge exchange activities, aimed to facilitate interactive discussions among similar projects and their respective representatives, such as:

These discussions not only enabled direct exchanges but also fostered insights into the latest project advancements and encouraged networking for collaborative problem-solving.

Emphasizing the importance of these forums, Emilia Pisani, Communications and Outreach contact for the event, highlighted their role in promoting regular engagement among stakeholders. The format involved brief presentations followed by interactive discussions, ensuring active participation and knowledge sharing among participants.

The event, hosted online, signifies a concerted effort to collaborate, exchange ideas, and address common challenges in advancing sustainable technologies.

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