18 April 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of the April 2024 edition of the Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Cluster newsletter. Thermal energy storage (TES) plays a pivotal role in meeting the world’s energy demands, constituting over half of the global final energy consumption. TES is indispensable for modern energy systems striving to meet ambitious climate targets.

The importance of Stakeholders Engagement in Thermal Energy Storage

In this April 2024 edition of the Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Cluster newsletter, the central focus will be on the importance of engaging stakeholders. Indeed, by fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge, we aim to expedite the adoption of innovative thermal energy storage solutions. Our objective is to cultivate a supportive ecosystem where stakeholders are empowered to embrace change and contribute to a more resilient energy future. These specific subjects will be central in the “Stakeholder Engagement and Market Analysis” webinar that will be held online on May 7th, 2024 from 9:30 to 11:00 (click here for more info on the webinar).

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Cluster

Thermal energy makes up over half of the world’s final energy use. Thermal energy storage (TES) is crucial for today’s energy systems to achieve climate targets. The four EU-funded projects BEST-Storage, ECHO, HYSTORE and ThumbsUp are working towards a cleaner and more resilient Europe by advancing energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, and sustainability.

  • BEST-Storage – Develop efficient energy storage solutions for buildings.
  • ECHO – Develop and demonstrate an efficient compact modular thermal energy storage system.
  • HYSTORE – Enhance compact thermal energy storage technologies.
  • ThumbsUp – Innovate TES solutions integrated into buildings.
Stakeholder engagement: the other side of ECHO project

ECHO Project contributes to the Newsletter with our exclusive interview with Dr. Maria Chiesa, available on our website. Dr. Chiesa shares insights into the latest advancements in thermal energy storage technologies and the importance of Stakeholders engagement in this sector.

Maria Chiesa interview for ECHO-project