25 January 2024

The ECHO Project recently participated in a prestigious 2-day High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 23-24 of January. This symposium served as a pivotal platform for showcasing the project’s endeavors in the realm of environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The symposium focused on the crucial role of high-temperature heat pumps (HTHP) in achieving the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement and decarbonizing industrial processes. Often regarded as the “hidden champions” in this endeavor, HTHP technology offers immense potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions while enabling energy-efficient and emission-free process heat supply.

Despite the promising benefits, the implementation of heat pump technology, particularly in high-temperature applications, poses significant challenges. Issues such as specific investment costs, energy efficiency, and technical feasibility necessitate ongoing innovation and collaboration within the field.

To address these challenges and foster collaboration among experts, SINTEF, DTU Construct, and the Danish Technological Institute spearheaded the organization of the symposium. By bringing together leading researchers, engineers, and stakeholders, the event provided a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in high-temperature heat pump technology.

The ECHO Project’s participation in the symposium underscores its commitment to leveraging innovative solutions for environmental conservation. Through collaborative efforts and technological advancements, ECHO aims to contribute to the widespread adoption of sustainable practices across industries.

As the world continues to prioritize sustainability and combat climate change, initiatives like the High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium play a crucial role in driving progress and fostering a more sustainable future.