25 June 2024

On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the StoRIES project hosted an insightful online workshop titled “Optimising Grid Resilience: Exploring Hybrid Energy Storage and AI Solutions.” This two-hour event, held from 11 AM to 1 PM, gathered experts, researchers, and industry professionals to delve into the latest innovations and applications of hybrid energy storage systems. The workshop was divided into two comprehensive sessions, each focusing on pivotal aspects of energy storage and grid resilience.

STORIES Project Logo

StoRIES Project

The StoRIES project aims to tackle the economic challenges associated with energy storage development. It brings together a consortium of beneficiaries, including facilities from the European Strategy Forum on Research Facilities (ESFRI), technology institutes, universities, and industrial partners. The primary objectives of StoRIES are to advance energy storage by providing access to world-class research infrastructures and services, improving materials for devices, and optimizing hybrid energy systems to enhance competitiveness and reduce costs. Additionally, StoRIES emphasizes the socio-technical and environmental aspects of new developments and systems, offering training and education on these issues.

Panel 1

First Panel

The first session of the workshop was dedicated to the innovative realm of hybrid energy storage systems. Leading experts discussed the integration of multiple storage technologies to enhance grid resilience and reliability. The talks highlighted how these hybrid systems are crucial for optimizing energy storage capabilities and supporting the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

Several projects were presented during the first panel:

  • AGISTIN Project by Gianluca Lipari
  • ECHO Project by Zafer Ure from PCM Products, who showcased the official project video
  • MeBattery Project by Virginia Ruiz from the University of Burgos
  • HYBRID Plus Project by Cristina Prieto from the University of Sevilla
  • HYBRIS Project by Mikel Borras

ECHO Project Presentation

Zafer Ure from PCM Products, an ECHO Project partner, presented the ECHO Project during the workshop.

The presentation highlighted ECHO’s innovative approaches to energy storage and grid resilience. Zafer Ure provided a detailed overview of the project’s objectives and progress, emphasizing the integration of advanced storage technologies to optimize energy storage capabilities.

The official ECHO Project Video was boadcasted during the workshop.

ECHO video presentation
Panel 2

Second Panel

In the second session, the discussion shifted to the challenges and opportunities in AI-ready data for grid-scale storage technologies.

The session addressed key questions such as how data can support the optimization of hydrogen use for applications in heating, electricity, and fuel production, and the main challenges in setting up relevant data spaces to achieve optimized hydrogen usage. The panel also explored how technical data could be extracted and curated by AI while maintaining privacy and confidentiality, drawing lessons from recent advancements in digital technologies.

Watch the recording of the StoRIES Workshop!