Dr Maria Chiesa at Life Platform Meeting Conference 2024

14-15 May 2024

LIFE Platform Meeting Conference entitled “The REPowerEU plan – Heating and cooling solutions” took place in Brescia (Italy) on May 14th and 15th 2024.

The event organized by CINEA aimed to bringing together relevant LIFE projects and a selection of Horizon Europe and Innovation fund projects addressing similar solutions in order to stimulate a rich discussion and relevant messages to the policy makers. Representatives from the Directorate General for Clima, the Directorate General for Energy, CINEA as well national, regional authority and industrial community attended the meeting.

45 projects were represented, among them, also ECHO project was present and it was represented by Maria Chiesa from beWarrant.

Projects related to the residential sector were most focused on district heating solutions and a lot of projects dealt with the recovery of industrial waste heat to partially supply the DH network.

Working groups (topics of discussion: residential heating and cooling and industrial heating and cooling) were organized in the Conference room. ECHO project participated to the Residential heating and cooling working group where main topic was the factors that hinder and accelerate the implementation of the EU and national strategies in decarbonizing the heating and cooling sectors and we created a poster with suggestions from all participants.