August 17, 2023

The 20th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET2023) recently concluded at the Monica Partridge Building, University of Nottingham.

This multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed event served as a pivotal platform for global experts, researchers, and industry leaders to exchange cutting-edge information on sustainable energy sources and technologies.

The SET2023 conference, held from August 15 to 17, 2023, witnessed a myriad of presentations, discussions, and debates aimed at advancing sustainable development and addressing energy security challenges. Among the notable highlights was a presentation by representatives from the University of Nottingham, unveiling the noteworthy on TCM invesgation and charactersiation for the ECHO Project.

The ECHO project takes center stage in pioneering sustainable energy solutions. During the conference, attendees had the privilege of gaining insights into the project’s key features and its role in shaping the future of sustainable development. The ECHO project aligns with the conference’s overarching theme, providing a comprehensive strategy for addressing global energy challenges while promoting eco-friendly practices. The presentation sparked lively discussions among conference attendees, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts in the field.

What is SET2023?

The International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies is an annual event that brings together experts, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss and share advancements in sustainable energy. SET2023 marked its 20th edition, providing a platform for fostering collaboration and shaping the future of sustainable energy technologies.